Crises, Cracks and Openings. Technopolitics of COVID-19

The virus, officially named SARS-CoV-2, is often portrayed as something coming from the outside, be it nature or a foreign country. However, its spread is neither a natural disaster nor a strategic ploy, but a deeply techno-political event. As the disease turns into a pandemic it reveals many of the hidden structures and contradictions of the highly integrated, yet locally differentiated contemporary word.

The societal reactions to the spread and the measures which are currently put into place are transformative and might turn revolutionary.

To address an event as distributed and complex as COVID-19, no single point-of-view can suffice. Thus, we have invited artists and theoreticians from four places – Sao Paulo, Chicago, Tel Aviv, and Vienna – to speak about their particular experiences, the techno-political dynamics created by the virus, agency for cultural producers and speculate about what will remain.


The discussion will take place over ZOOM (yes, we know!).

Please join us at 20:00 (CEST) via this link



David Sperling Architect, Institute of Architecture and Urbanism (IAU), University of São Paulo

Lucas Bambozzi Artist, Filmmaker and Activist, São Paulo

Brian Holmes Researcher, Writer, Activist, Chicago

Udi Edelman Isreal Digital Art Center, Tel Aviv

Tsilla Hassine Artist and Art-up Founder, Tel Aviv

Technopolitics Working Group Vienna

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